Give Thanks

A Better World
Proceeds from these events will go directly to the non-profit organization being featured.  We will work together with faith-based organizations to overcome poverty, hunger, abuse, disease and homelessness.

Pray for Change 
Intercede for others through the power of prayer.  Tragically, many of the world’s 2 billion children are robbed of their innocence and their potential through unthinkable hardships, including sexual exploitation, child labor and forced participation in armed conflict.  End the wars and end the suffering.

"Loving God, you have led us to this place, not to shield us from heartaches and the pain of human life, but to heal us and inspire us, to gently redirect us, till we see the world as you do and love it with your love. Amen."
~ A Micah Challenge Prayer

The Prayer of the Children
by Kurt Bestor and Sam Cardon

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